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ESADE Business School Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business
ESADE Business School

Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business

5 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 18,900 / per year *


* additional fees may apply. Scholarships are available


The new Esade double degree is your smart path to career success

The upper reaches of the world economy are being conquered by technology companies: data-intensive and powered by powerful engines of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Most of the world's companies are involved in complex digital transformation processes. There is a global war for talent in AI applied to business.

Data is now the world’s most valuable raw material, and Artificial Intelligence offers companies trillions of dollars of potential new business opportunities.

That’s why international firms need a new generation of leaders: experts in technology who also understand the fundamentals of business management. Smart thinkers who can use the power of algorithms and AI to develop business strategies that unlock new possibilities.

At Esade, you can become the expert they’re looking for, with world-class business education plus specialist training in programming, AI and data strategy.

Why is this programme different?

This double degree offers you a 360º business management education plus a deep dive into the application of Artificial Intelligence to business.

You’ll graduate with not only a complete understanding of the fundamentals of how companies work in every area (strategy, marketing, finance, operations and human resources) from your Bachelor in Business Administration degree, but deep insight into also how AI can impact those areas.

Thanks to Esade, you’ll emerge with experiences including:

Case studies

In-depth analysis and case studies of the tech companies that are leading the world economy.

International exchanges

International exchanges at some of the world’s top business schools and computer science universities.


Internships in leading global technology companies.

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