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EAN - Escuela Argentina de Negocios Bachelor in Business Administration on the Internet
EAN - Escuela Argentina de Negocios

Bachelor in Business Administration on the Internet

Buenos Aires, Argentina

3 Years


Full time

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University Analyst in Internet Business Administration (3 years)


Bachelor of Business Administration in Internet (4 years)

Ministerial Resolution: No. 2386/17

Face-to-face modality. Undergraduate degree

The entry to EAN is unrestricted although the applicant must meet the following admission requirements:

  • Interview with pedagogical advisor.
  • Attendance to talk of professional responsibilities with the Director of the Career.
  • Assistance to institutional presentation by the Rector.
  • Participation of the entrance course: Introduction to the Sciences of the Administration
  • In addition to the documentation requirements stipulated in the internal regulations

General considerations

Businesses linked to the Internet are today, without doubt, one of the areas with the most success stories in our country and worldwide. A sector whose highest potential promises a great opportunity for the generation of employment in the coming years.

The Business Administration Course on Internet interprets the importance that the Internet has in our reality and seeks to prepare future professionals, both in the science of administration, as well as in the particularities presented by digital businesses.

We educate professionals with solid skills so that they are able to manage a complex context of permanent change successfully managing their impact on organizations. Professionals prepared to apply knowledge and tools, not only to current needs, but also to those that will undoubtedly continue to appear as the Internet continues to evolve.

We train in our professionals the necessary skills that allow them to immediately occupy relevant positions in companies and organizations in the sector, covering their urgent demand for specialized human resources. In a broad, socially responsible and entrepreneurial environment, ideal for those who will create, develop, and implement 21st century businesses.

Are you ready to prepare for your future?

Scope of Title


  • Design and plan new business on the Internet and re-functionalize existing ones, applying innovative technologies for sustainable development.
  • Develop a business plan on the Internet according to the dominant technology and the emerging ones, from a strategic and innovative planning.
  • Apply the advances of Information and Communication Technologies to the analysis, design and development of new business opportunities in a way that helps to maximize competitiveness in the environment, within the framework of the social needs that emerge from it.
  • Carry out studies conducive to new knowledge that contribute to the administration of business on the Internet.
  • Develop strategies, methods and regulations designed to guarantee the protection and ethical-legal use of the applications used in the administration of businesses on the Internet.


  • Manage business on the Internet according to the objectives set by the company, which imply benefits to its field of knowledge and scientific-technical advances.
  • Evaluate business projects on the Internet, through feasibility studies that are at the service of making decisions about their replacement, enhancement or transformation.
  • Advise in the administration of Internet businesses, as well as in their commercialization processes, finances, budgets, costs, policies, legislation, protection, confidentiality and security in the handling of information online.
  • Advise companies to implement new entrepreneurial perspectives based on a culture of technological innovation and business information systems.
  • Investigate the theories, models, trends that are shaping the business, its administration and the technologies used for it, in view of the improvement of quality and its levels of competitiveness.

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