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Dokkyo University


In 387 BCE, the Greek philosopher Plato established the Platonic Academy in Athens. The university continued for 900 years until its closure in 529. In Japan as well, there is a university on which a philosopher made a historical imprint: Dokkyo University.

One hundred thirty years ago, at the start of the Meiji era, Amane Nishi – a European Enlightenment philosopher and representative figure of modern Japan – became the founding president of the German Association School. There he implemented "education training", a combination of intellectual, moral, and physical training. The Association School was the previous incarnation of Dokkyo University. In the 80th year of the academy's operation, Dokkyo University was born.

The founder of Dokkyo University was an authority on the philosophy of Kant, Teiyu Amano. The principle upon which he founded the school was that "University is a place for character building through learning." Based on this he established a strict school tradition wherein foreign language education was stressed. Sometimes students were not allowed to graduate unless they had matured as both scholars and people. Amano's sincere ideas are still alive in the school traditions, and this is why graduates of Dokkyo University are recognized in the world as human resources of high scholarship and human strength.

At Dokkyo University, which these two philosophers risked failure to establish, what kind of studies will you master? What kind of person will you become?


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