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Caucasus International University Bachelor of Business Administration
Caucasus International University

Bachelor of Business Administration

Tbilisi, Georgia

4 Years


Full time

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Aug 2023

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Undergraduate Program in Business Administration (in English) aims at fostering an administrator being aware of Management, Marketing, Finances and Accounting for small, medium, national or multinational corporations operating in Georgia, Caucasus or the Black Sea Region. The administrator will possess the knowledge and skills to properly manage the processes in the field of production, service, construction and commodity circulation, taking into account world business challenges and the pace of development.

Each individual aiming at participating in business activities has to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of his/her economic entity, company, country, in comparison with the rivals. Generalizing processes in the business field an individual thinks about how to gain an advantage in business and gain the victory of company, individual and country within the competitive environment. Correspondingly, the current program aims at creating such kind of “stock of advantages” for students with the help of latest knowledge, business skills which contributes to maintaining long-term competitiveness in the employment market and it will enable the employer company to efficiently and rationally provide him/her with business resource: land, workers, capital and phenomenal ability of entrepreneurship in business environment.

During recent years, the importance of low and middle-level managers in business field was specially raised in Georgian business life, who are aware of local, regional and world market, aspects of dynamics and development of regional and world processes and are able to have a positive influence on the complex business issues applying the knowledge and skills.

The program aims at not only fostering the specialist of Business, Management, Finances, Accounting for Georgian, regional and world business but also creating and developing a particular type – classical entrepreneur being aware of plenty of entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, and flexibility that is characterized for business.


Methodology of study

Management of the study process is aimed at application of methodologies that as a result of the practical implementation of the Bachelor’s program ensures obtainment respective knowledge, skills and competencies for the Bachelor’s degree/qualification.

The following teaching methods are applied in the course of academic activity:

Verbal method – explanation, questioning and consideration of a topic; discussion-debates; presentation;

Written method (implies preparation of assignment/ presentation, homework for practical training, holding group presentations);

Application of information technologies (implies researching and processing of information, doing practical tasks in respect to specialty, preparing illustrative material for reports/presentations etc.);

Combined methods:

At lectures – Listening and making notes;

Working in groups:

Verbal method – (implies consideration of topics related to the learned material and debates/discussions as well as making a presentation. Written method (implies preparation of assignment/ presentation, homework for practical training, holding group presentations)


Field of Employment

As a result of mastering mandatory theoretical knowledge and general competencies necessary for practical activities the Bachelor of Business Administration will have the following capabilities upon completion of Bachelor’s program:

  • To participate in the formation of a new business entity and apply efficiently knowledge and skills acquired in the course of study while being self-employed. To create a local company, oriented on national goals and hire other individuals. The student will be motivated to incorporate his/her own business on the third and fourth years of study that will result in independent business activity after completion of the study.
  • Become employed in multinational and transnational companies with the purpose of acquiring professional experience in the field of management, marketing, management of finances and accounting and obtain professional image and reputation;
  • Become employed in regional Business Company and participate in each field of its activity. Apply his/her English business education and skills for expansion of activities of the said regional company on the international market;
  • Become employed in Georgian local companies especially in entities having export potential where penetration of foreign markets are of vital importance and apply his/her knowledge acquired in English in the sphere of management, marketing, finances, and accounting.
  • Become employed in companies incorporated by the State for the promotion of export, employment, economic development, and small businesses as well as research institutes and agencies where English based business professionals are in high demand.
  • Become employed in state organizations, various ministries where professionals in the sphere of economics and business are also in high demand.


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