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BESIGN The Sustainable Design School Bachelor Assistant Designer in Sustainable Innovation
BESIGN The Sustainable Design School

Bachelor Assistant Designer in Sustainable Innovation

Nice, France

3 Years


Full time

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EUR 7,900 / per year *


* Fees for Non EU/EEA and for the 1st year. 2nd & 3rd year: 10.600,00€/year | Fees for EU/EEA for the 1st year: 6.900€. 2nd & 3rd year: 10.600,00€/year. Scholarships are available for international students.

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BESIGN The Sustainable Design School at Nice/France is the only institution of higher education worldwide relating Design systematically to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations. We teach our students to act for human beings and for the planet, using the design process to serve a sustainable Innovation. Our alumni understand that the call for the sustainable transition is a global issue and gathers the full commitment of creative minds from different backgrounds. Therefore, the education at BESIGN The Sustainable Design School is anchored in a pedagogy where sciences, such as engineering, biology, anthropology, social sciences, law studies, business, and many more, work hand in hand on tangible problems. The proposed solutions are holistic, considering the complexity of human society and the challenges related to climate change.

Program Goal

The Bachelor Programme of the curriculum “Designer in Sustainable Innovation” at BESIGN The Sustainable Design School, develops your foundation skills to be a professional designer, embracing the requirements of a sustainable future. The program develops the domains of product design, interior design, systems design, transportation, also fashion, and graphic design, always with the focus on new ecosystems for a society with social values and enabling respectful consumption.

The Bachelor's degree prepares students to be “Designer assistant in sustainable innovation”, or to enter the Master's degree “Designer in Sustainable Innovation”.

The entire program focuses on Design, Sustainability, and Leadership.


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