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Aarhus University BSc in Economics and Business Administration (Campus Herning)
Aarhus University

BSc in Economics and Business Administration (Campus Herning)

Herning, Denmark

3 Years


Full time

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Aug 2025

EUR 8,500 / per year *


* for non-EU/EEA students only | EU/EEA students study for free


Business in an International Environment

This Program aims to give students a broad introduction to a number of economic, legal, and organisational issues within the field of business. In addition to business issues, the Program also considers socioeconomic aspects and the interaction between economics and business administration.

In specific terms, students learn to analyse a company’s financial problems and issues and to develop business strategies.

Students also learn about organisation, marketing, logistics, accounting, project management, and innovation. They will develop insight into the theories and methods used to understand companies’ internal and external relations.

The Program brings together students who share a common interest in what goes on in companies, organizations, and in society at large.

Some students will be crazy about everything relating to stocks and bonds, others are mostly interested in management – but all will share a fundamental interest in business administration.




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