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Since its inception in 2005, has become the nationally recognized APOLLON University of Health Economics on distance learning (Bachelor, master and certificate Courses) Specialized for the healthcare sector. The award-winning University based in Bremen belongs to the powerful Klett group, Which also includes the Euro-FH belongs. The young University looks forward to numerous awards such as "most popular Fernhochschule" and "correspondence course of the year 2014". about 400 Bachelor- and Master graduates have been adopted, and rising. Currently there are about 2,500 students at the Fernhochschule enrolled. Adult Education is important to us! Not only complete courses offers APOLLON Hochschule on, but individual Training courses in the form of our certificate Courses, Choose from nine Bachelor- and Master's programs as 31 certificate coursesWhich are supervised by three different faculties. For detailed information about our services and the application process we provide you gladly. At the APOLLON Hochschule You can qualify up to date and at an academic level: A proven combination of anytime, anywhere study materials enables you begin without school a flexible remote studying alongside their employment and even a study. Their presence is therefore not as in other universities required in each course, since we have only a few classroom sessions. The starting point for the foundation was an urgent need in the industry to academic health managers.

FIBAA accredited The University is open to you a competence center for the health care industry, which is characterized by constant know-how transfer from research with industry. The quality of the courses has FIBAA tested and confirmed: Almost all Bachelor and Master programs of APOLLON University are FIBAA accredited. A successful accreditation process is a proof of quality and shows you sure that the academic level, the professional relevance and market acceptance are given the courses.

Your university as an excellent choice for adult education That you go wrong with a study at the APOLLON Hochschule nothing, you will see not only the state recognition of courses and be approved by the Federal Agency for Distance Learning (ZFU), but also numerous awards: Currently the University is, according to the portal for the third time in a row popular Fernhochschule Germany. Given the Bachelor of Science Nursing Management has been named in the audience voting by Forum DistancE-Learning for "correspondence course of the year 2014". Also in recent years, the university itself, its students and tutors has already received many awards for their achievements. Among Katrin Scherer, who in 2010 was honored with the title "Remote student of the year" by the Industry Forum DistancE-learning for their achievements.

In spring 2013, the Fernhochschule pleased you three awards: First, they received the study prize DistancE-learning in the category "Publication Year" for the book "distance learning multimedia and mobile" by Andrea Feddersen, which is published by APOLLON University Press. Secondly Professor was Viviane Scherenberg, Dean of APOLLON University, for "Tutor of the Year" chosen. In addition, students of APOLLON University were awarded the Unikosmos Marketing Award.

So we are repeatedly confirmed that our study concept fits our most working students and we are as APOLLON Hochschule in adult education on the right track. Our selection of events is large and we are pleased, though, see the study suitable for you or the right training course!


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