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Alice Lloyd College

Alice Lloyd College


Alice Lloyd College resides in the heart of Appalachia and has over one hundred years of history. The mission of Alice Lloyd College is to educate mountain people for positions of leadership by Making an Alice Lloyd College education available to qualified mountain students regardless of their financial situation; Offering a high-quality academic program, emphasizing the liberal arts; Promoting the work ethic through a self-help Student Work Program in which all full-time students participate; Providing an atmosphere in which Christian values are maintained, encouraging high personal standards, and the development of character; Serving the community and region through appropriate outreach programs which utilize mountain people helping mountain people; Assisting deserving students in obtaining advanced study beyond their program at Alice Lloyd; Producing leaders for Appalachia who possess high moral and ethical values, an attitude of self-reliance, and a sense of service to others.

Students are encouraged to develop Christian-based morals at ALC and are taught The Purpose Road Philosophy. Additionally, students must complete courses in Leadership before graduating from ALC.

Students are provided with multiple volunteer opportunities and can choose to participate in our Leadership Education Programto further their dedication to serving others.

Alice Lloyd College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to award Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.


  • Pippa Passes

    Purpose Road,100, 41844, Pippa Passes