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In 1872 (Meiji 5), the history of Baiko Gakuin began in Nagasaki. A private school in Bible and English was opened by the American missionaries, Dr. Henry Stout and his wife. It was the year before the Christian ban was officially lifted. This is the sixth mission school in Japan to be established. The cram school became Umekazaki Girls'School, and in 1914 it merged with Yamaguchi's Mitsujo Girls' Academy, and Shimonoseki Umeko Girls' Academy was born with each acronym. At that time, Shimonoseki was in an important position as a gateway to East Asia. After overcoming many hardships such as the disappearance of the school building due to the war damage, a university and a graduate school were established after the opening of the junior college in 1964, and in 2001 it became coeducational and the name was changed to "梅光学院大学". As a mission school with such a long tradition, Baiko Gakuin continues to develop human resources who can live for the local community and others.


  • Shimonoseki

    山口県下関市向洋町1-1-1, 750-8511, Shimonoseki