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BSc Programs in Marketing Studies

Marketing is a critical component to our economic system, and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Studies opens a myriad of doors to students to enter this dynamic field. Students who possess a bachelor’s degree in marketing are well-positioned to earn jobs at companies that manufacture or sell products and services, as well as at agencies.

What is a BSc in Marketing? A BSc in Marketing gives graduates a launching pad from which to begin lucrative business careers. Participants in these programs will study product marketing, brand management, customer behavior, market research, Internet marketing trends, marketing analytics, marketing communications and more. Social media marketing, email marketing, e-commerce, digital public relations, online reputation and brand management, online advertising, and web metrics are some areas in which graduates can focus and grow their careers.

After successfully completing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, students will be ready to seek job positions in one of today’s most vibrant areas of business. The strength of Internet marketing has created a whole new set of specialties, making this a great career choice.

Education costs for a bachelor’s degree in a marketing studies field are specific to each school and can therefore vary. Most programs take four years to complete unless students have received prior degrees. In these cases, a bachelor’s degree may be able to be received in two years, but this will also vary depending upon the institution.

Common job titles appropriate for a person with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing include marketing specialist, marketing manager, market research analyst, brand manager, product manager, account coordinator, account executive, account manager, e-commerce specialist, marketing communications manager, copywriter, and more. Some jobs will be with advertising or marketing agencies while others will be with companies seeking to market their own products or services.

When considering where to take classes to earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing studies, online institutions offer many great options. This learning methodology maximizes students’ time and can be extremely useful for those persons studying Internet marketing topics. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.