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183 BSc Programs in Natural Sciences Chemistry 2024



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BSc Programs in Natural Sciences Chemistry

A Bachelor of Science is an undergraduate degree available in many areas of study with an emphasis on science, engineering, or medicine. Degrees in these fields open the doors to some of the most competitive and sought-after jobs in current market. A Bachelor of Science is useful in countries around the world, and it is generally well-respected in a number of different fields, not just those directly related to the area of study.

Those looking for an answer to the question, what is a BSc in Chemistry must first understand what topics are covered by the larger umbrella of chemistry. Chemistry can be loosely divided into organic and inorganic areas of focus. Organic chemists concern themselves primarily with chemical compounds that already exist in nature, while inorganic chemists artificially combine and create new compounds. Most Bachelor of Chemistry programs tend to have a heavier focus on organic chemistry, but many offer a good overview of different aspects of the subject.

Most jobs in the field of chemistry require at least a four year bachelor degree. However, many jobs require applicants to have a postgraduate degree as well in order to be considered. In addition to preparing students for the workforce, a Bachelor in Chemistry also opens the door to postgraduate work.

The cost of a Bachelor in Chemistry varies from university to university. The degree generally takes four years to complete, and lab classes may have fairly hefty additional fees.

Chemistry graduates can get jobs teaching or working in research laboratories. There are also some lesser-known careers that can make use of their talents, including creating artificial flavors and scents for consumer products. They may also choose to work in environmental protection or consulting.

Institutions around the world offer Bachelor in Chemistry programs online. Studying online is the ideal way to attend the institution of your choice from anywhere on the planet. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form