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13 Bachelor Programs in Energy Studies Energy Renewable Energy 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Energy Studies Energy Renewable Energy

A bachelor’s degree in renewable energy may appeal to students with a keen interest in developing and supporting resources and technologies that expand energy options for economies and societies all over the world.

What exactly is a Bachelor in Renewable Energy? This course of study is a post-secondary degree program that creates and builds upon a foundation of communication, critical analysis, math and science, with a special concentration on renewable resource technologies. These may include green building, biofuels and alternative energy systems such as wind and solar power. Classes may provide a practical knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering as they apply to renewables, as well as a focus on energy components such as fuel cells and geothermal energy.

This degree may benefit the student seeking to pursue a future in renewable energy by offering an understanding of thermodynamics, energy history, efficient building design, control systems design and more. Graduates may enter a master’s or other advanced degree program with a well-rounded background in renewables, or move directly into the industry.

Tuition and fees for a degree are individually set by each institution. To find out the cost of a course of study, contact directly the admissions office of the program of your choice.

There is a world of opportunity open to students who graduate with a degree in renewable energy. Both the private and the public sectors offer multiple career options. People are needed for project development, component manufacturing, construction, operations and operations managers, installation, education and training, and systems marketing and sales. Graduates may consult for private companies or for public utilities, or secure a government position in civil engineering.

Alternative and renewable energies are being developed and promoted to lessen the impact of finite resources all over the planet. Become a part of this exciting field by beginning a program today. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.