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206 Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences International Relations 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences International Relations

The field of International Relations refers to the study of relationships between countries, including aspects of economics, history, politics, and organizations. It applies the contributions of all these disciplines to the study of topics of historical and contemporary importance. Students pursuing a Bachelor International Relations degree will examine traditional studies that focus on the role of the nation-state. In addition, Bachelor International Relations students will explore more contemporary insights into the influence of other global factors.

Bachelor International Relations program curriculum generally includes economics, history, politics, and languages with possible specializations in social media, political trends, and many others. Bachelor International Relations graduates work in a variety of fields and industries including international organizations, multinational corporations, private groups, not-for-profits, religious organizations and many more.

International Relations is a growing and ever-evolving field and highly skilled professionals are in high demand. Bachelor International Relations programs can help equip students with the skills to work on a global scale. Browse the programs below and you may find the degree you have been searching for!