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Bachelor Programs in Business Studies LLMs European Business

A bachelor’s degree is often the standard for entry into a number of different employment situations. It is also the first step toward participation in graduate programs. In most cases, this degree requires about four years of work and a total of 120 semester credits. Many of the courses within a bachelor’s program fall under the umbrella of general education, while the remaining courses take a closer look at the subjects required for the chosen career path.

What is a Bachelor in European Business? The European business program offers a well-rounded study of business within a European context. Students typically delve into subjects such as fundamental business management, business law, international business, European institutions, global sources, international logistics, and in some cases a second language. These courses are designed to prepare students with interactive and innovative business skills relevant to European business practices.

Some bachelor’s programs in this area can offer a division of time spent in various countries. Internships and other work placement opportunities are offered by a number of different schools. Once the general classes have been completed, students in this program have some flexibility so that they can begin to hone their skills in a particular branch of business. At graduation, these students have also been exposed to important business contacts through instructors and other professionals.

The costs of attending one of these programs can vary from one school to another. This is particularly true when schools across country borders are compared. For accurate tuition and fee information, prospective students should contact the schools of choice directly.

Graduates have often studied, and perhaps worked, in a couple of different countries and have had exposure to a number of languages. This puts the graduates in position to seek competitive job opportunities. With professional qualifications that are recognized in multiple countries, graduates can find jobs with global corporations and companies across the world. Many graduates specifically seek positions that allow them to be internationally mobile. Job titles might include personnel manager, project manager, junior consultant and assistant auditor.

If you are interested in this course of study, take a look at the options in the program listing. Schools are listed with lead forms for your convenience. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.