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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 20 Bachelors of Arts  (BA) in Tourism and Hospitality Management 2023

20 BA Programs in Tourism and Hospitality Management 2023


A Bachelor of Arts, or BA, is an academic degree that requires dedication and training to earn. Obtaining a BA can take about three to four years of study, but the positive outcomes in terms of career and professional opportunities may be priceless for graduates.

What is a BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management? This degree program provides students with the education they need to secure a management position in the hospitality industry. Courses in this program cover topics such as gaming and social policy, hospitality and tourism law, managerial accounting, corporate finance, and fundamentals of marketing. Students prepare for their future career by learning how to hire and train staff, complete inventory and purchase orders, and how to deal with customer complaints and other issues.

Individuals who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in tourism and hospitality management tend to be very organized, driven, and hard working. As they earn their degree, students only further refine those skills, which may make graduates highly valuable to potential employers.

The cost to earn a BA may be dependent on factors such as the location of the school and how long it takes students to complete their required coursework. Students should research their program fully to make sure they understand the financial responsibilities of their degree before starting school.

Graduates with a BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management are often in high demand for a number of management positions. Individuals who have earned this degree have the know-how and people skills needed to oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of resorts, restaurants, hotels, motels, tourism agencies, and other hospitality-related settings. Graduates may find careers as tour managers, event planners, cruise directors, marketing professionals, or casino managers.

Earning a bachelor’s degree may help change your life for the better and put you on the path toward a rewarding and meaningful career. To start your degree today, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.



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