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There are a number of valuable reasons and benefits to pursuing a bachelor's degree. Graduates from BA degree programs have many more career opportunities, and tend to earn more than those without an undergraduate degree. In addition to the professional benefits, obtaining a BA can have great personal advantages as well. BA programs present students with challenges that improve their creative thinking, problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills, among others.

Bachelor of Arts students have chosen their field of study from a range of topics including history, languages, literature, philosophy, other humanities fields, communications, anthropology, geography, social sciences, and linguistics. Within those fields there are several specializations that align with more specific career paths.

Obtaining a Bachelor of Arts can improve career prospects tremendously, both due to a deeper understanding of the area of study, as well as a variety of developed skill-sets. Employers seek out Bachelor of Arts graduates for their ability to communicate well, meet challenges in the workplace, remain flexible and think critically about a range of questions.

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