The great need in the country's professional technicians (p. eg engineers) who are trained and updated on new technologies. It is undeniable, too, that this situation is likely to worsen against the demand for qualified professionals in the mechanical area. To reverse this situation, a lot of effort becomes necessary in order to enable the formation of a growing number of professionals with the qualifications required by the labor market in Mechanical Engineering, and the Brazilian University a key role to play in the production and the dissemination of knowledge in the mentioned areas. This regional activity character of UNISAL enables students do not move too much in relation to their hometowns, reducing the costs that would in other circumstances. Moreover, this factor enables the UNISAL offer courses that come from meeting with the characteristics of the region where it is located, in particular the polarized region by UNISAL - Lorraine, which covers the municipalities of Paraíba Valley region located on the shaft Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo. Companies in general need for your setting in this competitive job market of constant technological innovation and thus highly qualified professionals with sound technical and scientific basis, able to find solutions to the market, always adding value and knowledge to society. The great industrial park in the Paraíba Valley, there is a growing demand for engineers acting in Mechanical area. With the constant expansion of this industrial park, the course of Mechanical Engineering will be preparing high-quality engineers, to support the development of the Brazilian industry in the coming years.


Train engineers with appropriate profile, supported on values ​​such as social responsibility, ethics and professionalism, committed to the socio-economic development. The course aims to promote integrated education, training professionals and entrepreneurs committed to self-knowledge, social transformation, cultural, political and economic of the country, forming critical citizens, creative and dynamic, able to satisfy social and professional needs with self- realization through a global education process and articulate, able to meet the changes and challenges of the new directions being outlined for the labor market, without neglecting the expectations of the community in which the business is located. This is perceptive that fits the course of Mechanical Engineering.


The Mechanical Engineer works in the processing industry in general; in machinery and equipment industries; in companies operating in the design, installation and maintenance of industrial mechanical systems; in companies that operate in the areas of planning and consulting; in enterprises and scientific and technological research laboratories. Also can act autonomously, in itself or advising company.


Tuition 2016 Morning: R $ 1,025.00 Night: R $ 1,025.00

Program taught in:
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

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Mar 2020
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Mar 2020
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