Bachelors of Biotechnology (B.A.S.)

Why biotechnology?

Join a thriving industry. 200 companies in the Kansas City region. 20,000 employees and counting. $1.8 billion dollars generated annually. If you haven’t heard of biotechnology, you will soon. It’s a field that’s rapidly growing. And with career options like lab managers, microbiologists, life scientists and biological technicians, it’s going to take innovative people like you to help move the field forward.

Technological and scientific advancements within the field of biotechnology are rapidly expanding, creating new businesses and significant demand for well-trained scientists. The biotechnology program seeks to address these demands and align students with career opportunities in the field.

The Degree

Biotechnology is grounded in biological sciences, chemistry and advanced technology. Biotech scientists employ biological systems to solve scientific challenges and positively impact our society. The medical, food, environmental and agricultural sciences, as well as the animal health and pharmaceutical industry, are all considered part of the biotechnology field.

A Bachelor of Applied Science in Biotechnology degree will prepare you for a life-science career that requires management and communication skills as well as specific laboratory knowledge.

A degree with a different approach

The biotechnology program takes a dramatically different approach compared to other programs. Each course is specifically designed to draw upon students’ knowledge to solve real-world problems. The measure of success within this program is not determined by a student’s ability to memorize an array of facts; rather, success is measured by a student’s ability to reference facts, formulate an approach and integrate data to solve problems. Students are given the opportunity to apply these skills in an internship within academia or industry.

The Results

Your knowledge and skills will equip you for diverse career opportunities. Whether you choose to enter the biotechnology industry directly or pursue a graduate degree in a biotech-related field, K.U. in Overland Park can help you reach your goals.

Regardless of which career opportunity you choose to pursue, your ability to apply scientific knowledge and answer relevant biotech-related challenges will give you a major advantage over your peers. Your ability to effectively communicate and collaborate in a dynamic work environment will set you at a steep career trajectory.

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