Bachelor Degrees in Energy Engineering in Europe 2020

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Individuals who are dedicated to the environment and enjoy science and technology may be interested in studying energy engineering. This area of study provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to manage energy facilities, extract natural resources properly and develop technologies that lead to sustainable energy sources.

Bachelor Degree in Energy Engineering in Europe

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Bachelor in Energy System Engineering

Bahcesehir University
Campus Full-time 8 semesters September 2020 Turkey Istanbul

Bahçeşehir University’s Energy Systems Engineering Department offers double major and lateral branch programs in the fields of renewable energy, conventional energy, and energy management.

Bachelor's degree Energy Engineering

eCampus University
Online Full-time Italy Milan

Professionals with this job title typically work in the fields of design, construction supervision, and testing of individual components or parts of machines and lines for the production, transmission, and distribution of energy, direct instrumental measurements of the technical parameters of plants and machinery.

Bachelor in Renewable, Thermal and Power Engineering

National Research University
Campus Full-time 4 years Request Info Russia Moscow

National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” provides Bachelor Degree in Renewable, Thermal, and Power Engineering according to Russian State Educational Standard

Double Degree in Mining Engineering and Energy Engineering

Universidad de Leon
Campus Full-time 10 semesters Request Info Spain León

We train professionals with complementary skills to work in the energy and mining sectors, designing, planning and directing mining operations and power generation and distribution plants.

Degree in Energy Engineering

Universidad de Leon
Campus Full-time 4 years Request Info Spain León

We train professionals in the energy sector in full with the necessary skills to design, project, manage and maintain all types of power generation and distribution plants, as well as to plan energy policies.

Bachelor of Engineering in Energy Systems Engineering

Yasar University
Campus Full-time 4 years Request Info Turkey Izmir

Energy is central to everything in nature, in society and even in the universe. The engineering of energy systems is a multi-disciplinary approach to the development of energy systems, from the design to the final product. The use of limited energy resources, the requirement for the management of energy efficiency and the increased usage of renewable energy sources (such as solar, biomass, hydraulic, wind and geothermal) means that there is also an increasing demand for well-trained experts in the field of energy systems engineering. In this context, the energy sector is constantly changing due to environmental constraints (such as fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emissions), increasing fuel prices, depletion of fossil fuels and the decreasing regulation and control of the energy market (natural gas and electricity). The academic discipline of energy systems engineering aims to address all of these issues.

Bachelor in Operations and Maintenance of Oil Extraction Facilities

North-Caucasus Federal University
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2020 Russia Stavropol

The competitive advantage of this educational program in comparison to similar ones are numerous industrial and project oil production enterprises in close proximity to the university (NCFU) making it possible to attract specialists from these institutions to carry out educational activities and effectively adjust the curriculum to the actual needs of potential employers.

Undergraduate Operation and maintenance of oil production facilities

North-Caucasus Federal University
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2020 Russia Stavropol

The competitive advantages of this educational program over other VO HEs consist in the presence in sufficient proximity to the educational services center (SKFU) of a large number of production and design enterprises of oil-producing profile, which makes it possible to involve the employees of these enterprises in the implementation of educational activities, and also allows for the actual educational activities are more effectively focused on the actual needs of potential employers spruce.

Degree in Mining and Energy Technology Engineering

Universidad de Salamanca
Campus Full-time 4 years Request Info Spain Salamanca

The Degree in Mining and Energy Technology Engineering begins its implementation in the USAL in the 2010-11 academic year, once the verification process has been completed, and replaces the studies of the Mining Technical Engineer, specialty in Mining Surveys and Surveys.

Double degree: Degree in Civil Engineering

Universidad de Salamanca
Campus Full-time 11 semesters Request Info Spain Salamanca

The Double Degree in Civil Engineering / Technology Engineering of Mines and Energy is an "institutional program of double degree", regulated by the Regulations on Double Degrees and Simultaneity of Official Teachings of the USAL (Governing Council of 29/2/2011 ), was approved by the Government Council of the USAL of 28/3/2012 and has been implemented in the 2013-14 academic year.

Bachelor in Ecology Engineering and Pure Energy

Irkutsk National Research Technical University
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2020 Russia Irkutsk

This Bachelor’s Degree program is developed to train general specialists dealing with environmental problems, sustainable nature management and pure energy. The universal program integrates fundamental theoretical knowledge with applied laboratory and experimental, engineering and technical, methodological and technological skills. The program is aimed at peculiar training of both technologists able to apply ecological and power technologies and equipment, and engineers which can develop a new product and implement it in business. The additional skills in nature management economics will facilitate the new product development as well as its correct presentation and marketing.

Renewable Energy Engineering

Campus Full-time 3 months March 2020 Portugal Vila Nova de Gaia

Energy and its rational use today are of paramount importance. Renewable energies have been consolidating their preponderance in the energy sector in Portugal and in the world, constituting one of the sectors of activity with greater opportunity for growth. In this way, the energy sector faces challenges and lacks the right professionals. Graduates in Renewable Energy Engineering, by their general education, can develop professional activity in the industrial sector, in the service sector, in public administration or in education, training, research and development.