Bachelor of Christian Studies


Program Description

The Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS) degree is designed for students who want to grow in their Christian faith and who desire to gain a general introduction to biblical, theological, or ministry studies. This degree program is recommended for students who have yet to choose a specific vocation and who would gain from a variety of Christian disciplines. It is also recommended for those who are interested in preparing for seminary studies.

Those who complete this program will be well positioned to serve Christ in a variety of church or para-church ministries as well as to continue their studies in seminary. The BCS degree also provides students with a solid foundation for living out their Christian faith in any vocation graduates may pursue.


  1. The prerequisite for this degree is a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  2. A total of 120 credit hours is required for the completion of the degree

Degree Outcomes

Graduates with the Bachelor of Christian Studies degree will be trained to:

  1. Mature in their Christian faith while learning to engage the world.
  2. Gain understanding of biblical and theological issues.
  3. Grow in multiple areas of Christian studies and ministry skills
  4. Become more well-rounded as they expand their knowledge in general education studies.

The Canadian Baptist College is recognized by the Province of Alberta, and the Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS) degree is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). This certificate is a Designated Learning Program and eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit under the DLI number 019256741082.

Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS)

Biblical & Theological Studies

  • 1B1311 Old Testament Survey 3
  • 1B2311 New Testament Survey 3
  • 1B3321 Bible Backgrounds 3
  • 1B3331 Bible Interpretation 3
  • OT and NT Bible Book Studies (four required) 12
  • 1H1312 Christian Heritage 3
  • 1T1311 Christian Theology 3
  • 1B3301 God with Us: The Story of the Bible 3

Christian Studies

  • 1P3322 Principles of Leadership 3
  • 1P3331 Spiritual Development 3
  • 1P3301 Growing in Christlikeness 3
  • 1P3302 Prayer 3
  • 1T1312 Christian World View 3
  • 1E2322 Teaching Christ-followers 3
  • 1E1342 Living & Sharing the Gospel 3
  • 1E1341 Missions & Church Planting 2
  • 1T4311 World Religions 2
  • 1P2151 Experiencing God Life Group I 1.5
  • 1P2152 Experiencing God Life Group II 1.5
  • 1P2341 Christian Service I 3
  • 1P2342 Christian Service II 3
  • 1E1332 Senior Seminar 3

General Studies

  • 1L3311 English Composition 101 3
  • 1L3313 English Composition 102 3
  • 1L3312 English Composition 103 3
  • 1L4311 Classics of Christian Literature 3
  • 1M2311 Music Appreciation 3
  • 1C1311 Intro to Psychology & Counselling 3
  • 1C1312 Counselling Skills & Techniques 3
  • 1V1311 Public Speaking 3
  • 1V4301 Health & Wellness 3
  • 1H3311 Western Civilization 101 3
  • 1H3312 Western Civilization 102 3
  • 1V2311General Mathematics or
  • 1V2313 Earth Science Introduction 3
  • Free Electives 12

Total credits hours for Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS) 120

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester application deadlines are:

  • July 15th for Canadian Students
  • June 15th for US Students
  • March 1st for International Students.

We are happy to take conditional applications after the deadline but a late administration fee will apply.

Spring Semester application deadlines are:

  • November 15th Canadian and US Students
  • International Students are only admitted for the Fall

Tuition and Fees

Payment for all tuition and fees per semester is due by Friday prior to the start of classes.

A deferred payment option is available by application only to on-campus students, fully enrolled in a program at CSBS&C. A minimum payment of 25% of tuition & fees is required and a 5% payment plan fee will be collected at the point of application.

Online students, occasional students and first semester on-campus students are not eligible to apply for deferred payment.

Students will not be allowed to attend class if the above financial requirements are not met.

Students with unpaid balances at the end of a semester will not be permitted to write their final exams and grades will not be issued. In addition, these students cannot register for classes in the following semester.

Chronic financial problems may result in financial holds, suspension or expulsion of an offending student.

Last updated Oct 2018

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