The mechanical engineering program at the Rochester Institute of Technology is designed to equip students with a broad base of science and engineering knowledge complemented by hands-on laboratory activities, a capstone graduation project, and cooperative training experience. Students devote their first two years to the study of mathematics, physics, liberal arts, and engineering sciences. The third and fourth years emphasize engineering sciences as well as the cooperative experience, and the fifth year is occupied with high-level electives, design, and systems besides a capstone graduation project.

Mechanical engineering is perhaps the most comprehensive of the engineering disciplines. The mechanical engineer’s interests encompass the design of automotive and aerospace systems, bioengineering devices, and energy-related technologies. The spectrum of professional activity for the mechanical engineering graduate runs from research through design and development to manufacturing and sales.

Each student’s communication and leadership skills are also nurtured through engagement in professional societies like ASME and ASHRAE as well as participating in engineering competitions on national and international levels.

Possible Career Options

Mechanical engineers work in many different industries and businesses as product developers, researchers, prototype designers, automotive engineers, aerospace engineers, oil and gas engineers, energy auditors and consultants, or management consultants, among many others. Many moves on to serve in senior leadership positions in their fields. Moreover, because of their comprehensive training and education, mechanical engineers are often called upon to assume high-level management positions.


First Year
Course Ttitle Credit Hrs.
UWRT - 150 Writing Seminar 3
MATH -181, 182 LAS Perspective 7A: Project-based Calculus I, II 8
LAS Perspective 1, 2, 3 9
MECE - 102 Engineering Mechanics Lab 3
MECE - 104 Engineering Design Tools 3
LAS Foundation 1: First Year Seminar 3
Second Year
Course Ttitle Credit Hrs.
MECE - 103 Statics 3
Physical Science Elective 1 3
LAS Perspective 4 3
MATH - 219 Multivariable Calculus 3
MECE - 205 Dynamics 3
MECE - 110 Thermodynamics I 3
MECE - 210 Fluid Mechanics I 3
LAS Immersion 1 3
MATH - 231 Differential Equations 3
MECE - 203, 204 Strength of Materials I and Lab 4
MECE - 305, 306 Materials Science with Applications and Lab 4
Immersion 1 3
Third Year
Course Ttitle Credit Hrs.
MECE - 499 Cooperative Education (fall or spring) Co-op
MECE - xxx Contemporary Issues in Mechanical Engineering (WI) 3
MATH - 326 Boundary Value Problems 3
EEEE - 281 Circuits I 3
MECE - 211 Engineering Measurements Lab 2
Immersion 2 3
PHYS - 212 University Physics II 4
MECE - 499 Cooperative Education (summer) Co-op
Fourth Year
Course Ttitle Credit Hrs.
MECE-317 Numerical Methods 3
MECE - 499 Cooperative Education (fall or spring) Co-op
MATH - 241 Linear Algebra 3
MECE - 310 Heat Transfer I 3
MECE - 301 Engineering Applications Lab 2
MECE - 3xx ME Extended Core Elective 3
Physical Science Elective II 3
MECE - 499 Cooperative Education (summer) Co-op
Fifth Year
Course Ttitle Credit Hrs.
MECE - 320 System Dynamics 3
MECE - 497, 498 Multidisciplinary Senior Design I, II 6
ME Applied Electives 9
STAT - 205 Applied Statistics 3
LAS Immersion 3 3
Free Electives 6
Total Semester Credit Hours 129

Focus Areas

Students admitted to the RIT NY campus may select a number of course options to gain specialized study in a particular discipline of mechanical engineering. Options include aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, bioengineering, and energy and environment.

The mechanical engineering major is relatively flexible and allows students to pursue options, minors, and even multiple degrees. It allows the students to customize their academic study in support of their career plans.

The energy and environment option consists of electives that provide students with exposure to a wide range of opportunities and careers associated with energy-intensive systems and how they relate to the environment. This option increases the number of opportunities students have for careers in the fields of building energy systems, alternative and renewable energy, and direct energy conversion. Students choosing this option are expected to work on an energy systems design project in senior design and to pursue co-op employment in a related field.

A sample of Mechanical Engineering Elective courses offered at RIT - Dubai:

  • The strength of Materials II
  • Introduction to Composite Materials
  • Fluid Mechanics II
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for Hot and Humid Climates
  • Renewable Energy Systems

Cooperative Education

Cooperative education is a full-time paid work experience in the student’s field of study. Students are required to complete twelve months of cooperative education. This unique training component adds to the student’s experience both in the hardcore of engineering as well as the soft skills area. It also widens the student’s network and facilitates obtaining a job after graduation as most graduates end up working for companies with which they conducted their coop.


The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering is accredited by the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs (MOE-HEA) and is licensed by the KHDA. It is also accredited by ABET. The Mechanical Engineering program at Rochester NY is also accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Program taught in:
  • English

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