Bachelor of Science Programs in Architectural Analytics in Maslak Turkey

A Bachelor of Science or BSc is an undergraduate study program that usually lasts between three and five years.  While enrolled in school, students have the opportunity to take general and specialized classes to obtain credit for graduation.

A higher education course in architectural analytics helps prepare students by studying the many architectural styles used throughout history. By focusing on the mathematical principals underlying the top architectural schools of the past and present, students can incorporate them into their own designs while adding their unique talents.

Universities in Turkey provide either two or four years of education for undergraduate studies, while graduate programs last a minimum of two years. There are around 820 higher education institutions in Turkey including 76 universities with a total student enrollment of over 1 million. The quality of education at the Turkish universities varies greatly, some providing education and facilities on par with internationally renowned schools.

Top BSc Degree in Architectural Analytics in Maslak in Turkey

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Bachelor of Science in Architecture

8 semesters

Our program emphasizes the responsibility of architects for their impact on the environment. Our graduates will contribute to a new understanding of design based on an ethical ...

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