Part time Bachelor of Science Programs in Agricultural Economics 2020/2021 in Africa

Agricultural economics programs may focus on the optimization of food production and distribution, using economic theory as the mechanism. This higher education opportunity might be a great fit for students seeking more knowledge about the food industry.

An African educational adventure can be exciting since the continent's rich traditional heritage is so vital to the culture. Africans legendary hospitality is welcoming to strangers and its multiethnic cities so exciting with its African music, dance and arts, both traditional and modern, constitute whole other worlds of application and delight; and there is a couple of esthetic experiences wherever you go to compare and contrast with the color, swirl, smell, and sounds of an African market.

BSc Part time in Agricultural Economics in Africa

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Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Economics and Management

4&nbsp;-&nbsp;7 years

The University of Mauritius (UoM) and the University of Arizona (UA) have partnered to offer an innovative dual degree program in Agribusiness Economics and Management. The Ba ...

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