Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Columbus in USA

Top Bachelor of Business Administration Degrees in Columbus in USA 2019


A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an academic achievement showcasing a student's completion of various business courses. During the four years of study a student takes classes regarding business, including those pertaining to a specific concentration.

Bachelor of Business Administration Degrees in Columbus in USA

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Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business

Turner College - Columbus State University
Online Campus Full time Part time 4 years September 2019 USA Columbus + 2 more

The general business program offers a solid background in business fundamentals and can be tailored to accommodate a variety of career aspirations. The program also serves students who have already begun their careers and who wish to further their advancement potential. This major allows students a greater degree of flexibility in course selection, allowing students to select courses that most directly relate to their businesses or careers. [+]

The BBA in General Business - provides students with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary for a successful career in the global business environment. Students in international business study the business practices of other nations and learn about the international aspects of finance, management, marketing, cultural and legal issues, and logistics. The IB program is unique in that it combines preparation in business administration with foreign language training, area studies, and a meaningful overseas work or study experience.

Career Opportunities

General business majors have a broad degree of career choices. The ones most suited to their degree depend on the specific course selection. General business prepares students for careers ranging from entrepreneurial ventures, small business or family business proprietorship, to corporate careers in many of the areas listed for the other business majors.... [-]