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Spain Zaragoza

Best Bachelors of Business Administration in Zaragoza in Spain 2019

Zaragoza city is located in the banks of Ebro River in the Zaragoza Province, Spain. It is home of one of the oldest cities in Spain, the University of Zaragoza.

Bachelor of Business Administration Programs in Zaragoza in Spain

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CESTE Business School

This degree trains you to be familiar with and understand the most relevant aspects of business management and decision making in business, providing the most up-to-date ... [+]

With this degree you will gain a solid base of knowledge of the fundamentals of business management and its practice, enjoy a practical experience in scenarios which imitate real life conditions, and work with dedicated facilitators who in many cases work in that field. You will familiarize yourself with the responsibilities of an entrepreneur or an executive, and you will acquire an important foundation of the skills you need in order to successfully develop your professional career.

No university degree by itself can teach someone to be a competent entrepreneur or executive. That comes with experience, and then with further training. What our programme offers you is the ability to familiarize yourself with and understand the most relevant aspects of business management and decision-making, all while still being a full-time student.... [-]

Spain Zaragoza
September 2019
4 years
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