Bachelor of Business Administration in Lyon in France

Top Bachelors of Business Administration (BBAs) in Lyon in France 2019


The BBA, which is an acronym for Bachelor of Business Administration, is an academic degree granted to those who effectively complete about three or four years of rigorous coursework in a business or commerce-related discipline.

Lyon is located in the east-central of France. It is city with more than 400,000 inhabitants. Lyon city has numerous universities, colleges and other minor establishments of higher learning.

BBA Programs in Lyon in France

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The American BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

CEFAM French-American Business School
Campus Full time 4 years September 2019 France Lyon

The modular program design and the practical experience gained in company internships give graduates many career choices and allow them to follow a truly personalized program when choosing their professional itinerary. At the end of this 4th year, students obtain both the BBA from the American University and the CEFAM Degree, certified Level I by the French government. After graduation, CEFAM students can continue their education with an MBA or MS degree in one of our partner universities or anywhere in the world. [+]

September admissions are now open!!!

As CEFAM’s academic system is based on the American model, it is possible to enter the program:

Directly after high school After having completed 1 or 2 years elsewhere by transferring certain courses

At the end of the program, students obtain dual French and American degrees.

The CEFAM Program 3 Years to Learn the Fundamentals

The first 3 years of the program take place at CEFAM. These years allow students to:

Develop knowledge in different subjects like marketing, finance, economics, and all the fundamental courses Develop professional competencies (from 3 to 6 months) Develop a perfect mastery of English 1 Year of Specialization in the 4th Year ... [-]